What a joke!

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This company made several promises to begin a pay per performance telemarketing campaign for me.I was told I would be called by a representative on 3 seperate occasions.

I did not hire another company for a week waiting for these jokers. failed to follow through on any promises. I'm sure glad I didn't pay them any money! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

I should have known better by the qualtiy of their website! HA! Buyer beware right?! This company wasted a week of my time.

Time is money.

This is a one man operation trying to take peoples money.

Review about: Telemarketing Appointment Setting.



Sterling Bancroft International Inc, was a small hotel accommodation providing company, I have NO idea where this guy got the notion that we were for hire...this is seriously convoluted.

Devens, Massachusetts, United States #30310

It's as simple as this, go to and judge for yourselves. Watch the video! Buy something from them if you need their services!

Devens, Massachusetts, United States #30307

Interesting statment homer.You are clearly a business professional that understands telemarketing campaigns!

Perhaps sterlingbancroft could use your help. Thanks for the insightful vinegar and water. You're probably really tough too! Tell us all how tough and cool you are now.

ha ha. Go ahead. We're ready.

Say something funny too!Do something really cool that makes you feel cool and funny and tough and not vinegary and watery.


you sound like a douche that expected something for very got what you paid for, nothing!

Only an *** would complain after NOT being scammed by a "website".Wow, what a douche...

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